Our strategy is radically simple: Invest in women. Change the world.


Global anti-poverty advocates have learned that investing women and girls is what changes nations.

In the United States we do the opposite.

For decades our leaders have created policies that punish mothers in under-resourced communities, limit their opportunities, put education out of reach, and, in the end, feminize poverty.

Until women, parents, and guardians lead the charge to challenge the systems that serve them - education, human services, and elections - we can't expect to win our ceaseless battle against poverty.

When initiatives and campaigns fail the blame often is assigned to deficits in the community. We see it differently. The best social change efforts fail because outsiders plan and execute them without the intended beneficiaries in the grassroots.

After years of education reform, and welfare reform, one thing is clear: only a two-generation strategy that supports parents and children will make a difference.

Yes, we need better schools to prepare children for a complex world. We also need to fight fiercely for foundational supports that strenghten the position of their parents and guardians.

Where others see deficiencies, lack, and want, Wayfinder sees opportunity for little revolutions that place demands on power and change systems for the better. We get there by investing directly in the most basic unit of change in a child’s life, their mother.

Join us!

Chris Stewart
Senior Partner & Chief Executive