We Make Grants That Make A Difference 

Our goal is to provide support to high-value, but undiscovered leaders in under-resourced communities. We look for those leaders who would never be on philanthropies' radar, those who often show up for direct actions, but are always the person not receiving a paycheck. 

We Provide Technical Support and Infrastructure

Our two year program provides fiscal agency, training, and support for activists establish and achieve goals. We provide the process and guidance for developing our grantees capacity for communication, activism, and community organizing. 

We Launch, Amplify, and Connect Our Grantees

Wayfinder’s mission is to build a national network of place-based activists who make trouble and win battle for justice. In the end we want our grantees to be the national face for social change at the grassroots.  


fighting for brighter futures

Wayfinder Foundation is building its inaugural Bright Futures Fund with a goal of raising $2.5 million in year one, and $3.2 million in year two.

We seek individuals and/or institutional funders to join us as we: 

Invest in community activism powered by an innovative approach to grassroots grantmaking;

Build a new network of credible messengers who are indigenous to the communities where large investments in advocacy have been jeopardized by lack of community support;

Accelerate the process of eradicating poverty, improving schools, and reinventing the civic systems that affect low-income families of color.

We invite you to join us as an investor in our Brighter Futures Fund.