Wayfinder Foundation was founded to make direct investments in women who lead, both within their own families and their broader communities. We are excited to support these activists by providing them with real resources, which are so often lacking in the communities that most need them.

Beginning March 8, 2019, we are accepting applications from community activists in Los Angeles, California, with a priority on applicants residing in east and south Los Angeles. Applications are due by April 26th, 2019. This program is designed for women who are making a difference in their communities, but who don’t have access to the resources needed to take their work to the next level. The needs of children, families, and communities are urgent. Who better to meet those needs than the women who best understand the challenges?

Those who are selected to participate in the Community Activist Fellowship program will receive funding, training, and the opportunity to develop their voices as spokespeople for the issues that affect our communities. After all, who can speak more directly about the power within a community than those directly impacted by the issues themselves? It’s time to have a platform where they can share their truths.

Apply Here:

Fellowship Guidelines

CAF Application

For any questions, please contact: fellowships@wayfinder.foundation