Dispatches from the U.S./Mexico Border

Kelly Curry is a Wayfinder Fellow in Oakland, CA. Her activism focuses on environmental community justice. She is also the Local Peace Economy Organizer for CODEPINK.

Right now I am standing at the edge of the sea...where the country known as Mexico begins and the US...Turtle Island...ends.

Jutting out into the wild, bluish grey waters, teeming with dolphins..seals..surfers..
LIFE is a wall...the end of a very long wall, a clumsy interruption to the beauty of open, turbulent, wild beauty.

The tinnish looking structure is a misplaced ornament of ignorance, a testament to human kind’s auto-immune disorder in the war against itself. It stands in odd, pathetic juxtaposition to the freedom and life of the ocean—or as the Yoruba call her, Yemiya.

The whole affair is a quirky reminder of the inability of humans to grasp the inordinate opportunities of life, on a planet like Earth.


Somehow we lost the ability to understand why our walls and borders are outrageous affronts to everything Gaia is, everything she stands for and everything we could be...together...during our brief visit here to the shores, snow-capped mountains, sweet lush rarified airs of a wonderland called Earth...with a Sun that yields enough energy in one afternoon to fuel our world for a hundred years.

Considering the catastrophe known as modern civilization, where materialism, technology and hedonism...inordinate waste and endless wars have been made religion...it’s no wonder Mama Gaia is organizing our walking papers...in the other room drawing up the contracts, organizing us for moving day, when she pushes us off and out.


Feels eerily familiar to me as I stand at the edge of the ocean in the swirling tides at the flimsy wall and accept that Yemiya has swallowed us whole before
and she seems just about ready to do it again.

With that thought, that feeling... spooky...I back away from the rich, foamy waters pounding the shore and consider what the builders and supporters of the wall are afraid of.

I guess it’s mothers and children like the ones captured by the Reuters photographer that zipped through our stratosphere a few weeks back—tear gassed, horrified...running for their lives?

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