Finding Yourself in Activism: Overcoming Substance Abuse and Incarceration

In a recent video put together by Testif-I Storytelling, Wayfinder Community Activist Fellow Selena Lopez shared her story of overcoming substance abuse and incarceration and eventually successfully fighting for custody of her son. Watch as she discusses finding her own self worth and the opportunities provided to her by A New Way of Life Reentry Project.

Testif-i | Storytelling for Change is a multimedia initiative from A New Way of Life Re-Entry Project that aims to transform the public dialogue on mass incarceration through storytelling and the lived experiences of formerly incarcerated women. Although women are the fastest-growing segment of the prison population, the national conversation on mass incarceration focuses primarily on the experiences of men. Testif-i will broaden the conversation to include perspectives and insights through the unique lens of gender, race and justice.