Build it and they will come


The Wayfinder Foundation was founded in the spring of 2017 with the mission to make direct investments into women who are leading change in their own communities. These women, particularly mothers, are working, often times alone and without significant resources, to be the change they wish to see in their communities and in the world. They are on the front line everyday but hardly ever make it to the front of the line for philanthropic dollars.

Wayfinder was created to change that.

Earlier this year we launched the Community Activist Fellowship Program in Indianapolis and Los Angeles. Here’s what we found: women activists are out there and they are mad as hell. But what’s more is they are doing something about it. They are finding solutions. They are creating ways to make a difference. We heard from women whose experienced trauma has fueled their fire and willingness to want to fight. They are concerned about access to quality educational options, about community trauma. They are promoting self-care and want to spread lessons of how to love yourself when it seems the world isn’t doing it. We heard from women who want environmental justice just like we heard from those seeking social justice through immigrant rights and affordable housing.

There is a take charge fever in the air that is calling people to action. Activists as young as teenagers are being born every day that we witness stories that are forever changing their lives. There’s an uprising afoot and we believe, that’s a good thing.

Wayfinder is here, leading the charge to ensure that these women are supported with resources to move their activism in the direction that we all need it to go – for freedom and justice for all.

Later this year we will launch the Program in D.C. and Memphis. If the response we received from our first two cities is any indication of what’s yet to come, we are excitingly awaiting to hear from and meet these women in action.